For consumers

Ready Financial Group offers the READYdebit™ prepaid Visa® card and online check-writing service—an affordable alternative to high-fee checking accounts. In 2006, US banks collected more than $25 billion in bounced-check and overdraft fees—hundreds of dollars per household! Our systems are specially designed to prevent overdrafts, allowing us to offer the READYdebit card to virtually anyone, including people with past credit problems that other banks have to turn away. We offer several convenient ways for customers to deposit money. They can use the card everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted worldwide. Of course, all deposits are insured by the FDIC. If you, or someone you know, is tired of paying overdraft fees, check out the READYdebit prepaid Visa card. Visit

For business

We offer a specially-configured Visa gift card, designed for high-response direct-mail campaigns. If your company's direct mail doesn't get at least a 5% response rate, call us at (866) 465-1645.

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